Create a Morning Ritual

The premise behind the daily ritual is to set your intention, goals, and mindset for the day. If you have ever struggled with bouts of depression or feeling uninspired, it can be especially helpful to create a road map or plan for your day to establish forward progress.

Smile at yourself in the mirror for 30 seconds

This is a great way to boost your self esteem.  It can be emotionally uplifting to see a happy you reflected back in the mirror. This works on a number of different levels, but at the core is the ability it gives you to talk directly to the bigger part of yourself, the part that is running in the background and isn’t focused on or stressed by your daily tasks.

Make sure you’re smiling, but it doesn’t have to be a big goofy grin. When you focus on your smile without being critical of any other physical attributes, you’ll be surprised at the positive thoughts this exercise can inspire. Come on, how great does that feel!?!

Meditate for a few minutes

First thing in the morning is a great time to sit and clear your mind for a few minutes. As we’ve discussed in previous newsletters, there is no right or wrong way to meditate, so if you’ve tried specific methods and couldn’t get into it, it could be time to develop your own personal style. Choose a position that you find comfortable, and decide if you’d like music or not. Try different phrases or mantras and see which phrases help to bring you into the present moment. If you find a phrase that resonates with you, stick with it for a few days or weeks. If you need to alter your phrase, do so without judgement.

You don’t need to go into a trance or spend an hour in the lotus position to meditate. You can get the benefits from meditating for just a few minutes. You will start to see a marked improvement in the upward trend your days start to take.

If you are more comfortable with the idea of prayer, substitute time in prayer for this idea of meditation. The goal can be the same, to connect you to the present moment, find gratitude in that moment, and feel peace in not worrying about the future or the past.

Add a gentle stretching routine

You only need to devote a couple of minutes to your stretching routine. This wakes up your nervous system, as well as your musculoskeletal system after a night of sleep. You may find that as you develop this habit, you’ll end up stretching for longer periods of time, and it will naturally expand on its own without the need to force yourself to do it.

Drink a glass of lemon water

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning is an excellent way to get your body going.  This will help to get your digestive system ready for the coming meals, alkalize your system, aid in healthy liver function, and improve skin appearance. It is important to note that the citric acid in lemon juice can eat away at the enamel of your teeth. As a fix, you could try drinking your lemon water through a glass straw to bi-pass your teeth. Also, you want the water to be warm, but not hot. Hot water will denature some of the enzymatic properties of the lemon juice.

Journal for 5 minutes

This is one of my favorite ideas. Taking a minute to write down your thoughts in the morning helps to set your intention for the day. You may want to reflect on a dream from the night before if it felt poignant or applicable. Then, set your intention for the day and move forward with today’s goals. This is also a great way to set your weekly or yearly goals and check in with your progress. Starting the day with a clear idea of where you want to go can help to frame your day and prioritize your task list. Intention is the name of the game.

You could also reflect on what you are grateful for today! When you start your day operating from a place of acceptance and gratitude, you set yourself up for a happier, healthier day.

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” -Steve Jobs

Until Next time!
xo Lara

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