Lara holds a BA in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology from the University of Colorado. She received her pilates certification from the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and studied under the renowned Kelly Kane.

Through her career as a professional dancer, Lara understood the importance of staying strong, lean, and balanced. Pilates soon became her passion. She found her niche training an elite clientele on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  After 6 years of teaching pilates and running a studio in New York, Lara is thrilled to be home in Denver.

Lara's sessions and classes are choreographed to focus on the individual needs and requests from the students with a constant eye on safe and proper alignment.  Her joy is in pushing students to expand their own body awareness and individual expectations to reach their fitness goals.

How did TORCH come to be? Pilates is so great for your body, but Lara found that she was also craving cardio and a burn in the larger muscle groups, but couldn't find the time to fit in Pilates sessions each week in addition to longer cardio sessions. TORCH includes sets of high intensity plyometric bursts combined with Pilates exercises. It's a workout with drive! Balance and time efficiency are the key to creating a workout habit. That is TORCH!